Dead Wax Records is an utterly independent record label just like in the early 80s. Created and run by two friends, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid, we do everything ourselves out of pure passion for music.

Remastering of audio, artworks, website, contacts, paperwork, distribution and sales… everything. Focusing mainly on post-punk, minimal & cold wave, goth rock / pop.

Quality music always, lost forgotten jewels in need of a second chance, recently discovered treasures that will see the light for the first time. Classic bands, new-born bands from all over the world, everything is welcome. Our main value and interest… vinyl, wax. It never died and for us it never will.

You can purchase our records at the RELEASES section of this website. If you’re looking for a digital version of our stuff, you can find it at our Bandcamp site here:

Watch out for the news! Music doesn’t stop in the Dead Wax!!