We were…

Young, of course. And angry of sorts; because we could afford to be middle-class and bleary-eyed and not give a damn about those who didn’t believe us. So: aimless. Or not quite. Because there was that shared love of Pop Muzik – with a sting, if possible – and the shared goal to boldly go where no Roland CSQ-100 had gone before. As manifestoes go, it wasn’t much cop, we admit. But then again, who needs manifestoes when the noise feels OK? And feel OK it did. Not in the least because Ludo, our trusted comrade and ever vigilant bullshit detector, suffered us gladly. But there were others as well: Edgar – enthusiasm embodied – without whom there wouldn’t have been a band in the first place and – on later recordings: Ben and Eric, the former rhythm section of The Masai.

And looking back on how some of these songs were puzzled together, in draughty rehearsal cellars with enough smoke to put the fear of god into your average salmon shoal, it still amazes how some of them went to lead a life of their own in the outside world, where they were picked up and embraced by kindred spirits. To them we’d like to say: ladies, gents and non-binary friends: accept our humble thanks. We owe it to you.

Bart Azijn, December 2021


Bad Times Ahead