Boys Say Go were:

Anthony Rauseo (drums, percussion, drum machine / sequencer programming, vocals), Joseph Fagan (lead vocal, guitar), Austin Powell (keyboards, bass), Dave Stempko (keyboards, guitar, bass), Hank Fay (backing vocals, Linn drum programming), Donyne Cowan (Bass).

Boys Say Go morphed out of a garage punk band called Slow Children. They had put out a 7” onto which a string synth they had found in the studio had crept. While sitting in Logan Airport waiting for a plane to take them to Germany in 1981, Anthony put the headphones of his walkman on Joe’s head and he heard Depeche Mode for the first time. Then he knew the record they were carrying to a record company in Berlin was already over. Done. Obsolete. So that year they started cranking out simple synth pop tunes with primitive analog equipment and no ability whatsoever to play keyboards… The result of the following five years’ work was a fantastic array of new wave songs, of which only six were actually released. Learn more about the history of BSG and our ‘Easy To Move’ compilation in the RELEASES section.