The late 1970s / early 1980s were exciting times for music lovers In the UK. Punk Rock had morphed into Post Punk and there were many (and varied) independent record labels producing some great music. Like many young people, a group of friends in South London were inspired by the DIY ethics of the times and decided to make their own music. Not deterred by a lack of any formal music education or training (although Duncan and Richard both decided to get some basic guitar tuition) from 1981 onwards there were regular gigs and visits to recording studios. After several name and line-up changes, by the end of 1985 Cha Boom Cha was born with Duncan (vocals, acoustic & electric guitar) and Richard (electric guitar, keyboards, rhythm programming) as a duo, with the help of Angelina (additional vocals).

Inspired by bands such as New Order who were at the time combining electronic sounds with guitars, they decided to utilise drum machines and synthesisers in the new songs that they were writing. Although they owned some basic home recording equipment (primitive by today’s standards), to produce decent recordings it was still necessary to visit professional recording studios. Over three days in late summer 1986, four songs were recorded and mixed at a studio in South London. The songs remained unreleased but after hearing the recording, Primitive Records asked for the track ‘Dancing Brave’ to be included on their ‘The Jamboree Bag’ vinyl compilation, which was released in 1987. The song would feature again on the Being Cut / Primitive Records’ cassette only release ‘The Trance Compilation’ in 1988. However, the version used on these compilations was a shortened, more guitar oriented mix of the original recording.

Later in 1988, Cha Boom Cha released the four track EP ‘Groovy Baby’ on Primitive. A more guitar based indie pop sound was achieved on this one, quite different to their early, more minimalistic recordings. Although only 500 copies of the EP were pressed, the track ‘Groovy Baby’ received radio play on both national and local radio stations in the UK. Throughout 1987, 88 and 89 they gigged regularly, mostly in the London area. The final Cha Boom Cha live appearance was at the Cricketers Pub in South London in the summer of 1989.

Duncan and Richard are both still writing and recording music.

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