It all started by chance and with the help of the current technology that allows them to compose and record from a distance. DES ÂMES LIBRES is a trio separated by 1035 km in the physical plane, but much closer in ideas and creativity.

Living in Barcelona and Paris, their beginnings date back to 2012, with the sole intention of making songs and music full of noise, rage and power, with social reflections in the lyrics, criticism of the world we live in. Frustration, analysis of mass control and an apocalyptic vision of what is happening nowadays.

They practice a kind of post-punk with muscle, immersed in electronic sounds and atmospheres, which have been growing constantly in their music until they have become very prominent. The perfect balance between guitars and electric bass, synthesizers and distorted electronics.

Their references move between Love and Rockets, The KVB, Joy Division-New Order, current darkwave and coldwave and all the 80s’ pioneers. This mix of influences converges in a very particular way of making and understanding music.