Frío y Vacío is a band based in México City, formed in 2015 by the prolific Angel Kauff (vocals, guitar, synths, drum machine) and Jon Gil (bass, drum machine). Angel also created his more synth orientated Stockhaussen and Isotropía projects, Jon is also half of the Identik Fact project, the other half being his twin brother Jeremy Key who in turn is the guest vocalist in Frío y Vacío’s song ‘Autodestrucción’.

What Frío y Vacío do is a reflection of their name, meaning ‘Cold and Void’. They have been influenced by different music genres, from post-punk and goth rock to cold wave and synth punk, all with a classic 80s sound. The lyrics are a consequence of Kauff’s personal experiences and feelings. The music, a maelstrom of fast rhythms, sharp guitars, thumping baselines, everything to create an oppressive atmosphere, charged with a high load of electrostatic power that is released in almost every song. Pure, dark energy.