The Disciples of Spess were formed in and around the sleepy Welsh hamlet of Mold, which nestles at the foot of the Clwydian mountains in rural North Wales. Mold is now widely regarded [in Mold] as the cultural epi-centre of modern-day Flintshire. Mike Tunney, Huw Jones, Edward Bowen and Mathew Seamarks make up the present core of the band which has now completed its 40th year of existence. Other contributions have come from Charles Stanley, Richard Austin and Nick Chapman [whose performances can be heard on the band’s early sessions] as well as John Speed and Richard Hayden Morris.

Since 1981 the band has consistently and comfortably surfed under the radar of record companies, promoters, journalists, radio stations, social media platforms and the attention of the general public. At this low trajectory Spess have been able to self-finance their own recordings spanning four decades, though only a small portion of them have actually seen the light of day until now.


Another New Iceland

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